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Rukmini Iyer is the bestselling author of The Roasting Tin series selling nearly a million copies to date (The Roasting Tin; The Green Roasting Tin; The Quick Roasting Tin and The Roasting Tin Around The World). She originally trained as a lawyer but left the industry to retrain as a chef and food stylist. Her aim is to transform Britain’s midweek meals one roasting tin dinner at a time from omnivores to vegans, flexitarians to families or households of one or two.

Rukmini Iyer’s family are vegetarian and for the last couple of summers (and one memorable winter) she delighted in creating and testing these recipes on her family and close friends. Rukmini is fascinated by the combination of flavours and textures in vegetarian cooking and this is the type of food she is most likely to cook for the people closest to her.

Rukmini is the bestselling author of the Roasting Tin series. She is a recipe writer, food stylist and formerly a lawyer. She loves creating delicious and easy recipes with minimum fuss and maximum flavour. Rukmini believes family dinners are an integral part of the day and is passionate about helping people make it possible.

Rukmini’s approach has earned her a legion of famous fans, from Nigella Lawson and Jay Rayner to Judy Murray as well as her engaged social media following, the #tinlads who share their dishes from the series under the hashtag and have been instrumental in shaping the books so far with their feedback.

Rukmini grew up in Cambridgeshire with the best of three food cultures: Bengali and South Indian food from her parents’ Indian heritage, along with classic 80s mac & cheese, sponge puddings and cheese & pineapple on sticks. Rukmini’s career began with a training contract at a leading law firm, but she realised that as she spent all day thinking about food, all evening cooking, and most of her law lectures or time in the office scribbling down ideas for new dishes in the margins of her notebook, a career in food was a sensible move. She decided to retrain, so after cookery school and a summer working at a Michelin-starred restaurant to learn the ropes, she began work as a food stylist. Surrounded by food all day on photo shoots, she noticed the meals she made at home grew simpler, often just in a roasting tin, and that there were ways of packing in flavour and interest to the dishes with an absolute minimum effort – this became the inspiration for the series.

As well as writing cookbooks, Rukmini styles and writes recipes for numerous brands and publications, including Waitrose, the Guardian and Fortnum & Mason. When not working with food, she can usually be found walking her beautiful border collie Pepper by the riverside in East London, entertaining at home or filling her balcony and flat with more plants than they can hold. Rukmini runs an occasional series of supper clubs for charities including Oxfam and Women’s Aid.

Photo: David Loftus
Photo: David Loftus
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