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Square Peg


September 2021




Roasting Tin fans will delight in this stunning and innovative new baking book from bestselling author Rukmini Iyer. The Sweet Roasting Tin, the last in the much-loved series, offers seventy-five easy yet delicious one-tin bakes. From festive bakes like Stem Ginger Cherry & Almond Brownies and Black Forest Cupcakes to weekend traybakes like the Coconut and Mango Yogurt, Chocolate Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake or Triple Ginger Biscuits, there’s something for every dietary need and occasion, with options to customise recipes for coeliacs, diabetics and vegans.
The premise of Rukmini’s baking book is simple – easy, delicious one tin bakes. For every category of baking – from loaf cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, to bread-and-butter puddings – there is one very simple recipe template, from which you can make multiple variations for an almost infinite variety of flavours and textures. Even if you find baking a little daunting, you only have to get a base recipe right once before you can explore a whole array of flavour combinations.

The recipes fit perfectly into Rukmini’s Roasting Tin mantra of ‘maximum flavour, minimum fuss’ cooking – a little light stirring, simply pop your ingredients in a (muffin, loaf or cake) tin, and let the oven do the work.

From crave-worthy cakes and brownies to moreish muffins and loaves, Rukmini Iyer’s ingenious one-tin bakes are simple to prepare, and offer great-tasting results. If you are cooking for a coeliac friend, a diabetic relative or are vegan yourself, you will find many delicious recipe ideas within the pages of The Sweet Roasting Tin, with a unique colour-coded table so you can see at a glance which recipes are naturally suitable for special diets, and which can be converted with a few simple ingredient swaps.

From easy bakes to festive showstopping sensations, this book is for anyone who wants to bake using everyday ingredients in fresh and innovative ways. Fantastic food, without the fuss.