Kate Spicer

Kate Spicer is a lifestyle journalist who has written for the Sunday Times, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Vogue, Elle, Red and Noble Rot magazines. She appeared on television in everything from Master Chef to Newsnight. She has made three acclaimed documentaries in the last ten years all of which still air internationally, including most recently Mission to Lars, described as ‘beautiful’ by the New York Times. Lost Dog: A Love Story was a Sunday Times bestseller in 2019.

Wolfy Spicer was probably born around 2012 and probably has 30 brothers and sisters. His early life is a mystery as he lived outside the law in his youth. Authorities finally caught up with him living rough on the streets of Manchester in 2014. After one failed adoption, he spent six months in an Essex orphanage until he found a suitable home in London’s fashionable Notting Hill with two hairless bipeds and a large stash of dog biscuits. Wolfy found fame in 2016 when he lived homeless for ten days on the streets of North London prompting a nationwide #findwolfy campaign backed by many famous people, including Ronnie Wood, Kay Burley and Ricky Gervais, and some of Britain’s most controversial Jeremies: Clarkson and Corbyn. He never speaks to the press, or indeed anyone, because he is a lurcher and everyone knows they can’t talk, they can barely be bothered to woof in fact. Wolfy does not get out of bed for less than ten thousand gravy bones a day. His rider includes tummy rubs, woof nuts and chicken carcasses. He has appeared on Sky News and BBC London and in many prestigious publications. When his rightful title credit was left off his first Sunday Times bestseller he wasn’t bothered as he’s entirely above a lowly human interest like fame.

Kate Spicer
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Lost Dog

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PUBLICATION DATE: 30 January 2020
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