Tara Wigley

Tara Wigley worked in publishing for the best part of a decade before switching to food and writing in 2010. She trained at the Ballymaloe cookery school in Ireland (taking young twins and a big Bosnian dog with her) before starting to work with Yotam in 2011. For the first year she tested recipes with Yotam in his West London flat before taking on the role of writing collaborator. Tara was very involved with the creation of Plenty More and is credited on the title page with the writing of Nopi: The Cookbook, Sweet, the re-launched edition of Ottolenghi: The Cookbook and Simple. Tara first visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem 20 years ago. During the course of researching and writing FALASTIN, she has returned to the area many times both with and without Sami. Tara has done a culinary tour around Palestine and, separately, ran the Bethlehem marathon in 2018. She lives in South London with her husband Chris and their three children.

Tara Wigley
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Falastin A Cookbook

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