Davinia Taylor

Mum of four boys, actress, fitness fanatic and health biohacker pioneer, Davinia’s career started on TV and led to film and television roles, as well as television presenting. 

A recovering alcoholic, Davinia’s personal journey over past 13 years has seen her turn her dedication to health, wellbeing and fitness into a passion for sharing this knowledge with others.

When Davinia was 35, her mum died of breast cancer and she hit rock bottom. Not knowing how to deal with the stress she took refuge in food. Lots of it.  Inflamed and constantly exhausted, she struggled to keep up with her young sons. But, after genetic testing, Davinia gradually bio-hacked her way to optimum health, losing nearly three stone in six months, and keeping it off. 

Davinia is training to become a qualified personal trainer and runs regular inspirational and informative Instagram Lives with health and fitness experts on her fast-growing channel: @daviniataylor.  She lives with her husband and 4 boys in Lancashire.

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It’s not a Diet

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