UK Book PR campaigns for food, lifestyle, memoir, health and personal development.

Sarah has two decades of experience working for leading publishers such as Penguin Random House. She has contributed to launching careers and building author profiles.  She has experience working on film and TV tie-ins liaising with multiple stakeholders.  Examples of global ‘Event’ campaigns include Ottolenghi Flavour and Ottolenghi Simple and the international charity project Together Our Community Cookbook with a foreword by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Sarah is passionate about the power of books and stories that help people understand their lives.

She has created and implemented bestselling campaigns for authors ranging from international chefs, entertainment figures, business leaders, global brands, wellness and parenting experts.

Sarah is a results-driven publicist who loves crafting creative campaigns and immersive events that engage audiences, whilst delivering measurable results, driving sales and generating bestsellers.

What Sarah can offer

Design and execute targeted and integrated communication campaigns to:

  • Start conversations and create strong connections with audiences
  • Build your brand
  • Deliver outcomes that will impact on profile and sales
Sarah Bennie. UK Book PR
Photo: Sophie Davidson