Louis Weinstock

Louis Weinstock is a child psychotherapist and social entrepreneur. He has worked with vulnerable children as a drugs counsellor, a child protection social worker and a psychotherapist running a therapeutic school for teenagers with complex trauma. He helps people find a light in the darkness, especially in grief, in the shadow, in the things that are unseen, unheard, unspoken. For over 20 years, he has expertly guided children and grown-ups through some of the toughest challenges life can throw at us – loss, trauma, divorce, burnout, and breakdowns. He is also co-founder of Apart of Me, a multi-award-winning charity that helps young people transform their grief into compassion. His work has been featured on the BBC, ITV, and in the Guardian newspaper.

He lives in Manchester with his wife and daughter.


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How the world is making our children mad And what to do about it

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