Falastin A Cookbook


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Ebury Press


March 2020



A ground-breaking and modern Middle Eastern cookbook, FALASTIN is a love letter to a place and its people. From Ottolenghi co-founder Sami Tamimi and co-collaborator Tara Wigley, this is an evocative collection of over 110 unforgettable recipes written for the busy home cook and stories that will make you want to find out more.

Travelling through Bethlehem, East Jerusalem, Nablus, Haifa, Akka, Nazareth, Galilee and the West Bank, Sami and Tara invite you to experience and enjoy unparalleled access.

As each region has its own distinct identity and tale to tell, there are endless new flavour combinations for you to discover.

The food is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary, with recipes that have been handed down through the generations and reworked in the Ottolenghi test kitchen, for the modern home kitchen. Other dishes are inspired by Sami and Tara’s collaborations with producers and farmers throughout Palestine. Still other dishes have evolved from salads and dishes created by Sami and his team throughout the Ottolenghi restaurants.

Wherever they come from, the recipes are at once traditional but also fresh – a pop of sumac onions inside the traditional falafel, for example, or the classic tabbouleh made this time with rice –and always made with the home cook in mind. These are recipes for the home cook to fall for and make their own, from the easy tray bake chicken with lemon and za’atar to a more elaborate fisherman’s stew. These are recipes which always showcase – and sometimes shine a new light on – the Palestinian pantry: the olive oil and za’atar, for example, the pulses and flatbreads, the tahini, yoghurt, feta, date syrup, allspice, sumac, ground cumin, green chillies, dill, garlic, fresh coriander and lemon.

With stunning food and travel photography from Jenny Zarins plus stories from unheard Palestinian voices, this important cookbook will transport you to the lands of Palestine.

So get ready to laden your table with the most delicious of foods – from vibrant salads, silky soups and wholesome grains to fluffy breads, indulgent one pot dishes and perfumed sweet treats – there are feasts to be shared and everyday meals to be enjoyed. These are stunning Palestinian-inspired dishes that you will want to cook, eat, fall in love with and make your own.

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