The Batch Lady’s Grab and Cook


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February 2024



No-fuss prep-ahead meals to make life easy
By bestselling author Suzanne Mulholland

Published by Ebury, £22 hbk on 15th February

Grab and Cook from the pioneering author Suzanne Mulholland (The Batch Lady) is leading the way with this revolutionary method to put satisfying, wholesome food on the table every day. Most of these recipes take no more than 5 minutes to prepare and can be cooked there and then or popped into the freezer and grabbed out for an easy meal whenever needed.

These prep ahead recipes mean you are making your own homemade ready meals rather than overspending on highly processed meals from the supermarket. Grab and Cook recipes use all raw ingredients and there is no prior cooking involved before freezing, you are simply preparing the meal and then freezing leaving you with a fridge or freezer full of delicious homemade meals. By using environmentally friendly, re-usable freezer bags, filled with pre-chopped raw ingredients, Suzanne is changing how we scratch cook, helping those without the time, confidence, or inclination to still have a healthy, quality home cooked meal whenever they want.

All of the vibrant and interesting recipes have instructions for cooking in multiple appliances – including oven, air fryer, pressure cooker, hob, slow cooker and microwave – so you can choose the one that suits you.

In Grab and Cook you will find breakfast and brunch recipes (Raspberry, white chocolate and pecan brioche bake), light bites and lunches (Feta & spinach filo swirls), weeknight meals, Fakeaways (Satay Chicken Curry) as well as meals for family and friends, easy bakes (Chocolate chip stuffed cookies), and desserts (Hot Nutella Pots).

The Batch Lady includes practical advice on managing and organising your freezer, how to organise your kitchen along with tips to empower your kids in the kitchen with recipes suitable for them to cook. She skilfully guides you through meal planning for the week so you can get ahead and in control, not only of your meals, but of your food shopping and budget.

Save time, money, and stress with The Batch Lady’s life-changing approach to everyday cooking. Delicious and affordable get-ahead meals – cook how you want, ready when you want.

  • Freezable healthy meals for any appliance
  • 5 and 10-minute prep times
  • Speedy air fryer and pressure cooker methods
  • Hassle-free slow cooker instructions to set & go
  • Oven or hob option for each recipe
  • Perfect results every time