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Yotam Ottolenghi, Noor Murad and the Test Kitchen superteam are back, with flexible, flavour-packed dishes that all lend a little something to the next meal. It’s harissa butter on a roasted mushroom, then tossed with steamed veg or stuffed into a baked potato. Its smoky sweet nuts spooned onto oven fries, then used to top hummus the next day. Extra Good Things is rounded off with a chapter on the ‘one basics’ of desserts for you to perfect and then adapt with your favourite flavour combinations, such as ‘one basic mousse’ transformed into a coffee mousse with tahini fudge sauce.

This is cooking it forward, Ottolenghi style, filling your cupboards with all the delicious extras: condiments, sauces, sprinkles and more to add oomph to very mealtime.

Yotam says: ‘For me, cooking a meal is always an opportunity to load up my cupboards and fridge with delicious condiments: spicy, sharp, crunchy, funky. It’s what I call the sandwich filling approach to cooking. You can never have too many flavourful “things” around to upgrade your next meal or just a simple snack. This book arms you with dozens them, all prepared while you do your day-to-day cooking.’

Noor says: ‘Extra Good Things unlocks all the secrets to building the Ottolenghi wardrobe via sauces, condiments, sprinkles and more. Once you’ve filled your pantry and fridge with all your favourites, it’s impossible not to accessorise and personalise your breakfasts, lunches and dinners. This mix and match approach makes cooking both approachable and fun and creates endless opportunity for reinvention. It’s making what’s good just that little bit extra, and we’re here for it.’

Lizzy Gray says: ‘The Ottolenghi Test Kitchen series has quickly established itself as arguably the most successful publishing brand extension from any major nonfiction or cookery author. People have embraced Yotam, Noor and the OTK collective’s deliciously flexible recipes, playful language, and tactile format. The launch title Shelf Love was an instant Number One hit and has already sold over half a million copies (excluding the US). We’re thrilled to be following with the next OTK book, Extra Good Things, which shows how you can bring the Ottolenghi factor to any and every meal.’

Praise for the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen series:

I absolutely love this book!’ Nigella Lawson

‘You could cook out of this for years and never eat a dull meal.’ Diana Henry, Telegraph

In this guide to making the most of what you have, it’s inspiration that shines, rather than fancy ingredients.’ Observer Books of the Year