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Orion Spring


27th May 2021



Sunday Times bestseller

If I could give you one bit of advice right now, it would be to take all the energy you’re putting into fad diets and put it into becoming the most genuinely healthy version of you. If you’ve got a plan, you’re already halfway there.  And now you’ve got this book, you’ve got one.’

Davinia Taylor

Davinia Taylor was overweight, depressed and unmotivated. She couldn’t walk around the block, let alone go for a run or do an exercise class, and she struggled to keep up with her four young sons. In desperation she turned to biohacking (the link between gut health and mental wellness). The unexpected bonus was that she lost nearly three stone and has kept it off for years through a series of health tricks from cold showers to ‘fatty coffees’, to ancestral eating.

‘A personal, fun and positive book encouraging dietary diversity and NOT calorie counting’

Professor Tim Spector, author of The Diet Myth and Spoon-Fed

She spent tens of thousands of pounds on specialists and Harley Street doctors, trying the most cutting-edge therapies available, only to discover that the true secrets of feeling amazing are very easy and affordable. Start with eating for your mental health, and weight loss is an effortless side effect. Now Davinia has put all the cutting-edge information she has learned into her empowering book It’s Not a Diet. Discover why stress causes weight gain; how fasting makes you less hungry; why sunflower oil is unhealthy and how cold showers can cut your carb cravings.

Divided into four sections: Mood, Food, Movement and Rest, the book takes a holistic approach to weight loss, reminding you that true health is not just about what you eat. It’s Not a Diet concludes with a realistic two-week reset programme to put all that Davinia has learnt into action easily and achievably.

You’ll discover:

  • Why you should count chemicals, not calories
  • Why your HIIT classes may not burn fat
  • How cold showers can balance your hormones, and put an end to cravings
  • How fasting makes you less hungry
  • Why you don’t need willpower when you eat for brain power

You might be looking for help with PMT, you may want to find an alternative to junk food for your kids, or your husband may want to lose some stomach fat. There is something for everyone.

‘I’m going to tell you what has helped me change personally, and then it’s all about tailoring it to your own life and finding out what does and doesn’t work for you, rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing. Please note, this is not a diet book. Diets make you feel crap. This book will make you feel amazing!’

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