Eat Green


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January 2020



Delicious flexitarian recipes for planet-friendly eating

Foreword by Guy Singh-Watson, farmer and founder of Riverford Organic Farmers.

Eat Green is a cookbook for everyone who wants to enjoy delicious food which is good for you, simple to make and affordable to cook every day, but that also helps cut back on food waste in the kitchen. This super practical book, by bestselling author and home cook Melissa Hemsley, shows you how. Every one of the 100+ flexitarian recipes in Eat Green celebrate vegetables as the star ingredient and, where meat and fish are used, easy swaps are included so vegetarians can enjoy every recipe.

And, if you’re an omnivore like Melissa, you will find more ideas to stretch smaller but better-quality meat and fish portions further. Local, seasonal produce has been prioritised – with extra emphasis on using up all those odds and ends which usually get thrown away. Herb stems, veg tops and parmesan rinds are all put to work to provide extra flavour, reduce food waste and save you money while you’re at it. The book is also packed with Melissa’s great USPs: time saving tricks, efficiency tweaks and seasonal swaps so you can get the most out of your food – and your leftovers – all year round.

To keep things as useful as possible, the recipes in Eat Green are based on the most popular fruit and veg that fill our fridges and our bins – the ones that are most bought, and most thrown away in UK. These affordable and easy to shop for recipes show respect to seasonal ingredients in all their glory and are straightforward to make, giving families, hard working couples and individuals real food for every busy night of the week.

Plus the A-Z of odds, ends and leftovers puts an end to the headache of
working out what to do with the contents of your fridge!

From all day breakfast ideas like Fridge-Raid Frittata to 30 minute suppers like Turmeric Noodle and Chicken soup or Grilled Golden Fish and Sweet Sesame Spinach to favourites for friends like Shawarma Spiced Chickpeas & Celeriac Hummus to afternoon treats like Tahini Choc-chip cookies – you will have plenty of family-friendly, crowd-pleasing recipes for a whole range of taste buds.

Melissa hopes that with Eat Green you reap the bonuses of being savvy and sustainable in the kitchen at the same time as putting something delicious on the table for your friends and family to enjoy.

‘I’ve wanted to write this book for a long time. My Mum was born in the Philippines and she and my Army Dad bought the family up on military bases so between them, one of the number 1 house rules was that food was always to be respected and never ever wasted! I’m a cook and not an environmental expert but we don’t need to be experts to help make the world a better place. I am far from perfectly sustainable or self-sufficient – that would be impossible for most of us – but I try a little every day to be that bit more responsible for my impact. Collectively, all our positive adjustments and habits will make a real difference.’


‘Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but we know that how our food is produced, what we eat and throwing away mountains of edible ‘waste’ all has enormous impact on our planet. In Eat Green I want to give you recipes for tasty, easy-to- cook meals to suit any diet, and that will also help to reduce our negative impact on the natural world.’


‘Melissa will help us make the right [choices] more often.’


‘Brilliant advice and tips for time- savvy, good-for-you meals.’


‘Melissa Hemsley is the patron saint of busy millennial food-lovers.’


‘I’m a huge fan and love how Melissa champions the message that good healthy food needn’t be complicated, scary or time consuming.’


‘A delicious and much needed nudge towards a healthier and more sustainable kitchen’

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