Gino D’Acampo

Gino D’Acampo was born in Napoli in the south of Italy into a large family. The food they ate was very traditional – simple recipes based on fresh and healthy fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

‘My grandfather said that a good recipe doesn’t need many ingredients because if the ingredients are good quality and full of flavour, why do you have to cover up or change their taste’. This is a philosophy Gino has stuck to since he first started in the kitchen. After training at the Luigi de Medici Catering College, Gino came to London at 19 and worked at The Orchard Restaurant in Hampstead and then at the Cambio restaurant in Surrey.

Gino has appeared on many primetime TV shows in his career. He is currently a regular on ITV’s flagship programme This Morning and since his first eight-part cookery tv series Gino’s Italian Express, Gino has had a prime-time cookery series every year. Gino will also be back on our screens in 2021, 2022 and 2023 alongside Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix for more series of their highly popular show Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip.

Gino is the author of several best-selling books including, Gino’s Healthy Italian for Less, Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape, Gino’s Italian Escape and Gino’s Italian Adriatic Escape and Gino’s Hidden Italy.  He has 8 Gino D’Acampo My Restaurant around the UK – in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Harrogate, Hull, Leeds and Liverpool – and three London My Pasta Bar.

He is married to Jessica and they have three children, Luciano, Rocco and Mia. @Ginofantastico

Photo of Gino D’Acampo
Titles by Gino D’Acampo

Gino’s Italy: Like Mamma Used to Make

CLIENT: Bloomsbury
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2022

Gino’s Italian Family Adventure: Easy Recipes the Whole Family will Love

CLIENT: Bloomsbury