Real Healthy


Publicity campaign and tour


Ebury Press


11 July 2024



Unprocess your diet and up the whole foods with easy, everyday recipes

Delicious, wholesome, life-friendly recipes to help you eat well, every day.

‘Real Healthy is my kind of cooking – nourishing, easy, full-flavoured and veg-packed meals for real life. With shortcuts, simple batch cooking, time-saving traybakes and packed lunches you’ll actually look forward to(!), I hope this book helps busy people and families navigate the tricky problem of how to cut back on ultra-processed foods.’

Melissa Hemsley

We know that reducing the amount of UPFs in our diets is advised, but in our busy lives, they can be hard to avoid – they’re affordable, familiar and heavily marketed. So, what’s the solution? Real Healthy is a life-friendly cookbook for time-poor people who want healthy food that’s quick, convenient and tasty, too. Melissa Hemsley provides simple, doable, and delicious recipes to help you tackle those every day tricky problem areas – on-the-go breakfasts, al desko lunches, satisfying snacks, and easy to make sweet treats – as well as tips on what to look out for when trying to identify UPFs. She also provides helpful meal plans to stay on top of the week’s shopping and cooking, making it easy for you to pack wholefoods in, and steer clear of ‘UPF-traps’.

Photo: Sarah Malcolm

Melissa has long been an advocate for making wholesome, healthy food at home and is passionate about providing solutions for people who are scared by the headlines, and keen to make cost- and time-effective changes that help un-process their everyday diet.

With 90 recipes such as One-Pot Lazy Lasagne, Cherry Almond Granola, Take-To-Work White Bean Chicken Chilli, as well as ‘build your own’ recipes for UPF-free soups, sandwiches and smoothies. She also offers handy hints for freezing food, and maintaining a well-stocked, useable, and UPF-free store cupboard.

This is not a diet book nor a demonisation of ultra-processed foods. Melissa is not suggesting that completely cutting out UPFs is necessary or even possible (they are an essential option for some people), instead Real Healthy is a cookbook hoping to provide solutions for those looking to readdress the balance of what’s on their plates.

Melissa has thought about where we need the most help, and devised easy, practical ideas and swaps. As ever, her food is family friendly, doable and delicious, and her joy and enthusiasm radiate off the page.