Gino’s Italy: Like Mamma Used to Make





September 2022



In Gino’s Italy: Like Mama Used to Make, Gino D’Acampo shares with us his ultimate recipes for classic Italian meals: moreish antipasti, silky pasta sauces, decadent meat mains, elegant fish dishes, simple seasonal veg and of course desserts to die for, all inspired by the wonderful women in his life.

Gino shares the secrets to making the very best version of much-loved recipes, drawing on the wisdom of his late mother, his fifteen bossy aunties, and a whole nation of home cooking nonnas. This personal book with family pictures features all the effortless and satisfying recipes from the accompanying primetime, six-part ITV series. In this food odyssey, Gino travels the length and breadth of Italy from Naples, Florence, and Bologna to encounter local dishes from families and their matriarchs along the way. Gino may have been sous chef in the kitchen for once, but in return he got to learn their secret ingredients! This cookbook will show just how important family and food is to the people of Italy – and to him.

Gino has repeatedly enjoyed recipes including Grilled scallops with parsley and hazelnut butter, Slow-cooked pork shoulder with super-crispy cracking, and Biscoff and espresso coffee cheesecake not forgetting his mother’s Vanilla breakfast cake. This beautiful book contains 80 authentic recipes for the ultimate Italian classics – this is Gino’s most iconic book yet.