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19 January 2023




COOKS by Dr Rupy – the trusted NHS GP and food expert behind the bestselling Doctor’s Kitchen –
is a collection of over 100 indulgent, delicious, and easy recipes that put flavour and nutrition first, all illustrated with stunning photography. Dr Rupy’s mission is to help everybody leverage the incredible power of food and lifestyle medicine to support their wellbeing and prevent ill health. Every recipe has been researched and developed to give maximal health benefits whilst being super simple and flavourful.

COOKS demonstrates that healthy eating every day can be a celebration of ingredients from different cultures, which create dishes that are big on flavour and low on effort.

Dr Rupy has a unique vantage point on food, lifestyle and medicine which draws on his Indian heritage, personal health journey, academic studies, and clinical practice. His pioneering approach blends the joy of cooking with the science of food as medicine. His vibrant recipes counter fads and quick-fix diets and instead they promote a positive way of eating well for life. Dr Rupy believes that the crux of a healthy lifestyle is consistently eating well every day and this cookbook, with its easy full-flavoured recipes, inspires you to do just that.

COOKS includes recipes for satisfying brunches, soups & broths, and delicious dinners from curries, traybakes and casseroles to healthy feasts and desserts. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as gluten and nut-free options.

Recipes you will want to cook on repeat include Lebanese-style Chicken Tacos, Miso Mushroom Donburi, Aubergine, Pea and Tamarind Curry and Spicy Halloumi Bake. The recipes have been tested in over 1000 different homes kitchens from across the world by his global community assessing simplicity, flavour, timing, and accuracy. This is a book that is already proven to work! Expect super simple dishes including traybakes, prep ahead meals, one pots, casseroles and less than 30-minute meals.