7 Steps to Strong





December 2021



Everyday habits to level up your fitness and unleash your inner strength

By Lisa Lanceford  – The UK’s No.1 Women’s Fitness Trainer

Published by Century on 30th December £16.99 hbk

Lisa Lanceford’s life was transformed through the power of fitness. The daily habit of working out and eating better led to improvements in her mood, confidence, and personal relationships. Today, Lisa is the founder of Strong and Sxy, a popular fitness app and empowering community of women around the world who together are on a journey to change their lives for the better through fitness.

7 Steps to Strong is written with Lisa’s characteristic warmth, accessibility, and humour. Full of workouts, stories and life lessons, Lisa’s seven steps to strength – both mental and physical – include tips on:

  • Weight training and how to build muscle (and fight misconceptions of femininity)
  • Fat loss and the myths around losing ‘weight’
  • Daily fitness plans, nutritional advice, and mood-boosting workouts
  • Gym-free alternatives and home fitness hacks
  • Simple advice on how to unlock confidence, de-stress and conquer anxiety

About Lisa Lanceford

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